When Celebrities Say Stupid Things About Video Games: Aly Wagner


“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”
– Albert Einstein

People have being saying stupid things since the dawn of mankind, but in this new age of heightened social contact through the internet, such simple-minded utterings are now preserved for all to see. Spencer Pratt unknowingly announced his penchant for weed to the world via a misplaced bong in a photo he uploaded to Twitter recently; child-star Miley Cyrus saw her scantily-clad Myspace photos leaked to the rest of the web; while there have been countless stories of employees being laid off due to broadcasting their dislike for their work on Facebook.

Everyone seems keen to jump on the Twitter bandwagon, with some celebrities even going as far as to hire ghostwriters in order to guarantee their presence on the latest web craze. When the Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) launched earlier this year, the league’s management decided to use Twitter as a base from which to build support for the new competition. As part of this initiative, a number of players committed to provide Twitter updates throughout the season.

One of those players was Los Angeles Sol midfielder Aly Wagner. Among a barrage of tedious posts about her personal life, her fear of flying, and all sorts of other things it is hard to imagine people caring about, there was one post that drew my attention:

“is it a good or bad sign i’ve mastered Tetris being, well, not a teenage boy?”

John Vechey, Brian Fiete and Jason Kapalka, is the 25 million selling lead franchise. In an interview with Wired magazine in October 2008, Kapalka was asked to identify what it is about Tetris that makes it such an addictive experience.

“Fitting pieces together feeds the same pleasure center of the brain that gets off on packing a suitcase really well or squeezing all your groceries into a single bag.”

Without wishing to come off as sexist, Mrs Wagner may in fact find that she is and always was part of the intended audience for Tetris. The idea that your average teenage boy would spend their time engrossed singularly by Tetris when there are a large range of far more visceral gaming experiences to be had is pretty laughable in itself. The notion that Tetris is solely the preserve of that age group is even more absurd.


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